Mystical Places is about inspiring your Soul and experiencing mystical places in both the inner and outer worlds.

Sacred Travel & Spiritual Journeys

Being on pilgrimage in beautiful, sacred and powerful places on Earth facilitates a shift in consciousness and opens one to the greater mystery of life. We can explore further through stillness, inner enquiry and grounding in the body, and from here comes the  joy of experiencing one’s true Self.

Ruth currently hosts journeys and retreats in Southern Africa, Egypt and India, often in collaboration with others.  In South Africa and Egypt we work with the energies of the

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Mystical Egypt

A pilgrimage to Egypt is a journey into the vast mystery of time and timelessness. In this land of sacred magic and ancient temples, the veils fall away as your heart opens to the unknown. Your soul will  guide you through the realms of shadows and light and you will  be invited to surrender to the mysteries of your true divine Self.

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Magical South Africa

Our South African journey takes us into the heart and soul of Africa, where we experience the vibrancy and generosity of its people, and the deep expansiveness of the African bush.

Many of the places we visit lie on the Nilotic Meridian, a ley line that runs through Africa.

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