Ruth Underwood is a mystic and retreat facilitator who has studied both ancient wisdom teachings and modern processing techniques that assist in unravelling the unconscious shadow. Through her work she assists others in finding balance and harmony in their lives.

Ruth spent her early years living in mostly rural settings in Uganda and South Africa where her deep sense of connection to the soul of the earth and her mysteries was formed. She has spent most of her career working with non-profits in South Africa, including being founder and owner of a recruitment agency that works with non-profits. Ruth is also a teacher of Kundalini Yoga and meditation, a student of ancient wisdom teachings and has mentored others in processing techniques for many years.

Inspired by her love of travelling to sacred sites in various parts of the world, by her ability to move into the etheric realms of nature, and by the shifts in consciousness this facilitates, her vision is to share the exploration of the deeper mystery within, with all those wishing to experience and deepen their connection to themselves, as we all awaken to a more heart centered consciousness on earth.

Through classes, workshops, tours to sacred sites, private healing and counseling sessions, Ruth assists and collaborates with others on life’s journey.

Ruth’s journeys are often facilitated in collaboration with others on the path of the heart’s journey.