Deepening into the Heart of Mother Africa, March 2017

Out of our love for Africa we have created a retreat to explore our relationship with our own inner Africa. By walking the African earth, gazing at the Pyramid mountain Modimolay, known to the Africans as “God is Here,” meditating, writing, and exploring all that will arise in us on this most beautiful land, we will excavate deep, forgotten, unfelt, and unexplored places in our psyche.

Awakening your African Soul, September 2017

An intimate 16 day journey limited to 8 people. This travelling retreat is designed to give you a wide variety of experiences and a deep immersion into your connection with the land, nature spirits, and the wild African animals.

Egyptian Mysteries, December 2017

Have you ever dreamt of meditating in the paws of the Sphinx as the dawn breaks over Cairo, or gently gliding over the waters under the early morning stars as you approach the Temple of Isis...and sailing down the Nile watching life along it’s banks pass by as it has for centuries. To visit Egypt is to sink into the ageless sands, to feel the energy of ancient sites and to surrender into the vast mystery. We invite you to join us on a journey of transformation like no other

Incredible India Pilgrimage

Spiritual Diversity in India with Azad Kaur and Ishvara September 16th - 29th 2012 Optional extension to Orissa  30th September - 3rd October 2012  A pilgrimage through India is an explosion of the senses as one explores spirituality,…

White Lions of Timbavati

White Lions of Timbavati 4 day Retreat  12th - 15th September 2013 Join Ruth Underwood  and the Tsau team on a four day Retreat at Tsau, the home of the White Lions in September 2013. The White Lions of Timbavati, also known as the Children…

Magical African Journey

A Magical African Journey with Ruth Underwood and Jane Bell 30th March - 14th April 2014 12 days with 4 days pre-tour This South African journey is designed to give you an opportunity to experience the diverse landscape, culture and wildlife…